Shawn Dahl and Herbalife International.

Shawn Dahl is a former Realtor turned Chairman's Club Team member in Herbalife International.

Lately, Dahl has been focusing towards internet marketing and its online deals. He wants to make people aware about the company who are interested to join Herbalife International. In addition his secondary aim lies towards generating new customers and distributors. Thus, to overcome through the above scene Dahl chose to be a part of internet marketing through web promotions.

Consistently succeeding through straight 8 years has made him a renowned and reputed face of the Herbalife business. He markets his business through exclusive OBS – online business systems.

OBS currently has 8 Presidents Team members in Shawn's team along with 19 Millionaire Team members and a host of supervisors, World Team and Global Expansion Team members. They talk to people who are interested in the product and the opportunity without having to speak to their friends and family - if they don't want to.

According to the latest buzz, Herbalife International has recently crossed the turnover of $ 3 billion and I son mounting track to cross the limit of $ 5 billion in retail sales. Shawn Dahl says, Herbalife is the chief leading company involved in the process of direct marketing and no other company can beat to be as primary as of Herbalife.