Pepe Fanjul – owner of Florida Crystals Corporation

Pepe Fanjul, well again known as Jose fanjul is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Fanjul Corp. and its contributory Florida Crystals Corporation where his responsibilities include government relations, corporate communications, land development and real estate investment. A Fanjul company intends to lead real estate investment and he leads the land and its divisions.

Fanjul’s both the business are involved in the manufacturing of sugar and its supplying. The sugar business not only includes the production but lies out in all the aspects like mining, refining, packing and milling and delivery.

Florida Crystals Corporation, established in Palm Beach country, Florida owns 400,000 acres of land including the 7,000-acre world-renowned Casa de Campo Caribbean resort.

Pepe Fanjul has Florida crystal farms situated in Florida consists of tow sugar mills, a sugar refinery, a rice mill, a packaging and distribution center and North America's largest biomass power plant.