Pepe Fanjul Jr. – formal vice president of Fanjul Corporation

Pepe fanjul Jr., son of Pepe Fanjul is the formal vice president of Fanjul Corporation and Executive Vice President of Florida Crystals Corporation. Pepe Fanjul shares the key responsibilities including government relations, corporate communications, land development and real estate investments. Expanding to 400,000 acres of land Fanjul Corporation involves 7,000 -acre Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic which is popularly known as the world largest sugar producing company. Regularly it generates more than 7 million tons of sugar every year and earns the revenue of $ billion.

Initially, before joining Fanjul Corporation and initiation of Florida crystals Pepe fanjul Jr. started serving as a primary chief at several investment banking firms, specifying Rhone Group LLC.

In the colossal country of USA, Florida Crystals, a pioneered organic sugar cane farming company remains to be the mere producer of certified and 100 % organic sugar.

Fanjul Corp. and Florida Crystals are headquartered in Palm Beach County, Florida. The companies’ eco friendly practices and its organic plus certified carbon free sugar producer has made it the world’s largest certified sugar producing company 100% in USA.