Gaston Cantens - vice president of Florida Crystal Corporation

Gaston Cantens is the formal vice president of Florida Crystal Corporation, an additional or subsidiary company situated at the headquarters of Palm Beach County, Florida. Mr. Cantens holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and a juris doctor degree from St. Thomas University.

Being vice president Gaston’s primary responsibilities consisted of handling corporate relations and government affairs.

Moving to the period of 1998, Mr.Gaston was designated to the Florida House of representatives and served through the year of 2004.

During his possession to Florida house he served through various primary designations and was consistently positioned as one of the most effective legislators in the Florida House.

Gaston Cantens was very stringent and loyal towards the Florida legislature on domestic violence, criminal justice, child custody, administrative procedures and real estate related issues. This steadfast and effective behavior made him a well-formed and prominent public servant.

Before positioning to vice president of Florida Crystal Corporation, Mr. Cantens began his early career as a school teacher and later at some college levels. Soon after Cantens has also worked as the substitute professor at Miami-Dade College, St. Thomas University School of Law, and Florida State University College of Law.

Spaced out of serving in various schools, Gaston Cantens was also engaged as Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Chief of the County Court Division in the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.