Dan Feder - opting for his own business

Dan feder, graduated from the University Of Southern California Marshall School Of Business. Feder’s real time dream was to become an owner of his business. The dream was to set up a business and provide sturdy jobs for the people who are searching for it.

Feder’s directing opinion has always evoked him that everyone should be a winner, a customer, employer, supplier, manufacturer, and producer in his own company. His desire to build a strong company that has brought awards from peers in the community, but his emphasis on doing the right thing for everyone is what has made his business flourish.

Glancing through his personal life, his parents played a vital role in teaching him the value of standing on principle when others find the middle ground. Experiencing through his personal and professional decisions, Dan feder always prefers the right way instead of going for the easy frames. Lately his father is no more but his steady influence remains into his empathy.

His mom is still his mentor and guide through some of the rocky waters of growing a small company into a medium-sized business.