A life span history of Alfonso Fanjul

Alfonso Fanjul Sr., (1909-1980), a rich and prosperous man was born in Havana, Cuba and got graduated from Catholic university in Washington, D.C. Though his family belonged to New York owing a huge empire, naming Czarnikow-Rionda Company in New York and the Cuban Trading Company in Cuba. The collective holdings consisted of ten sugar mills, three alcohol distilleries, and real estate throughout Cuba.

Fanjul was married with Lillian Rosa Gomez-Mena in 1936, (1918-1992) forming a joint alliance with her business. The wedding proved lucky land lately after the marriage with Gomez-Mena, Fanjul brought sections of three small sugar mills from Louisiana and mended them into the Osceola mill. In 1961, they began sugar production as the Osceola Farms Company.

Alfonso Fanjul Sr., Fanjul’s oldest son assisted his father to manage the growing business of the company, both of including building the mill and preparing the soil. The undoubted hard slog of Alfonso made him the director of the Florida Sugar Cane League and the Florida Sugar Marketing and Terminal Association, a founder of Biscayne College, and a trustee of Palm Beach Day School.

The Fanjuls’ merely daughter, Lian “Lillian” Fanjul Azqueta, served for the community services, nonprofit organizations and became the executive director of New Hope Charities in Pahokee